Road Trip Essentials from Toyota of Plano


There’s no better way to enjoy your summer than with a road trip. Whether your trip is a few hours or a few days or even weeks, the key to a successful road trip is to be prepared. Packing for a trip can often be stressful but that shouldn’t overshadow the anticipation of going a new adventure with your family or friends. Other than making sure your vehicle is in tip top shape for extended time on the road, we’ve made a quick checklist of some road trip essentials to ensure your only concern is enjoying your trip as possible.

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2013 Toyota Corolla vs. 2013 Honda Civic

In 2011, Honda rolled out a completely redesigned 9th generation Civic to a luke-warm reception. Critics were less than impressed with Civic’s bland exterior styling, cheap feeling interior materials and the short list of standard features when compared to competitors. Honda responded quickly, giving the 2013 Civic an early cycle refresh to address these concerns. The exterior receives a sportier look, the interior has been refined with new materials and the standard features list has been extended. This means that Civic is ready to be a tough competitor in the subcompact segment.

Although it has been five years since Corolla received a redesign, the latest model has benefited from annual improvements to keep it competitive. Corolla stacks up well against Civic with a stout list of standard features, more available options, superb audio and telematics as well as an advantage in a few key interior dimensions.
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